A personal life beyond psychological suffering.

The companionship of children who are free of pain and suffering, and growing up in absolute harmony and self-confidence.

The ability to establish and maintain a long-term, unconditional relationship in absolute mutual resonance.

These are the three aims of this series of books, based on an original and natural healing process, which we term ‘Conscious Realization’. This process, which has been written and spoken about throughout history, offers complete knowledge of our personal psychological workings and an insight into our true nature beyond.

Conscious Realization is far from the techniques and systems we see in the offices of so many therapists. In a society driven by achievement and material desire, it reactivates our lost capacity for contentment. People who live in absolute contentment need to achieve nothing more. Those who can reawaken this ability in themselves need neither therapist nor guru.

Dirk de Sousa © 2019

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