Six Steps to Happiness
Paperback 160 pages


Passion – Understanding – Resonance – Discovery – Growth – Decision

This short book is a concise guide to Dirk de Sousa’s Conscious Realization, written for those coming to his ideas for the first time. In it, the authors outline key basics before going on to explain the six steps in the Conscious Realization process and describe how they can bring about an end to suffering. The book deals with subjects such as identity and how it is created; consciousness; the fragmentation of the mind and its role in psychological distress; the ‘I’ and its absence; and the role of thoughts, memories and emotions.

Aimed at newcomers to the Conscious Realization process and all those genuinely seeking to overcome psychological suffering, including among others: depression, anxiety, anger problems, eating disorders, panic disorders, addiction, post-traumatic stress, burnout, and issues with esteem and assertiveness.

Dirk de Sousa has developed the process of Conscious Realization and uses it in his counselling of individuals, couples and families, and in his group workshops. Louise Bostock is a writer and editor with direct personal experience of the potential of Conscious Realization to change lives.


Forthcoming: autumn 2016


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Paperback 160 pages”

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