The Self Beyond Myself
Paperback 258 pages


It is increasingly evident that the steady growth of psychological suffering in our society cannot be halted by today’s commonly-used methods and approaches.

This book looks at the weaknesses of the prevailing approach to the human mind and its functions. In it, the author seeks to give a taste of what he calls ‘Conscious Realization’, a process that he has not only shown can provide help in times of psychological crisis, but also, and perhaps more importantly, that working with this process can – when we decide – enable every one of us to find real contentment and happiness.

Drawing on some of Europe’s greatest thinkers, de Sousa leads the reader along a path of argument and inner experience that reveals the true nature of what he calls the ‘I’ and what we call ‘Myself’. He shows how the fragmentation that exists in the minds of the vast majority of us leads to conflict and psychological distress in all its forms, and he describes the process of Conscious Realization, which can lead to relief from such distress.

The Self Beyond Myself is aimed at all those interested in alternative, holistic and original ideas in psychology, and is published in the hope of helping those suffering from psychological distress in whatever form.

ISBN 978-3-9524554-1-8


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Paperback 258 pages”

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